Chogui Dos77


Chogui Dos77

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It’s January 2016, and we have just added the Dos77, a very boutique cigar that is gaining popularity and can be difficult to find because it is mostly sold only in the Dominican Republic.

The owner of the Chogui brand is Victor Nicolás, who first came onto the scene in November 2014 when he rolled out the Primera Edicion cigar, a 6′ x 43″ Domican Puro, which was limited to 300 boxes and only sold in the Dominican Republic. The story is that during the drive between the factory to the city, one box was lost, box number 277. The brand Dos77 (277 in Spanish) was then created under the theme “Lost But Not Forgotten” as is printed on every box.

The size of Dos77 is a 5′ x 52″, and they named it a “Rogusto”, a combination of a Robusto and “Gusto” which is Spanish for flavor or taste. The wrapper is a Havana-seed Dominican, the binder is a Criollo 98 and Habano 2020, and the filler is Corojo. We are only selling 5-packs of the Dos77.

In April 2016, they added another size, the Longsdale, which is  6.5 x 46. We will also be selling 5-packs of this size.

Size Longsdale (6.5 x 46), Rogusto (5' x 52")


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