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Cigar CorkThe Cigar Cork is a patent-pending division of J3 USA, LLC, a registered 100% Veteran Owned Company. The Cigar Cork is one of the most revolutionary developments to the cigar industry in the past 100 years as it is a re-usable cigar humidification/flavoring system that stores and humidifies cigars in an airtight pressurized tube designed to give you years of use. Each closing of the Cigar Cork tube reseals and pressurizes the tube ensuring an unsurpassed cigar preservation environment. Each tube can fit up to a 7 x 60 cigar or hold smaller cigars. If you choose, you can flavor your cigar with your spirit or beverage of choice by applying a few drops to the moisture core inside each Cigar Cork top.

The Cigar Cork can also be used to store and transport pipe tobacco or used as a flask with your favorite liquor. The tubes are made out of high-grade impact resistant acrylic, so they are sturdy enough for transporting your favorite cigars when golfing, fishing, heading to dinner, a cigar bar or when going on any trip. The high quality of each Cigar Cork tube also creates an impressive presentation platform for any cigar. Place a Cigar Cork tube and cigar on a dinner table, bar, or pull one out of your pocket on your next fishing or golf trip and watch the attention they demand.

*This purchase is only for the Cigar Cork system, the cigars are not included.

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Packaging Options:

Single tube

Ten tubes

Wood base of 5

Wood base of 10

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cigar cork cigar cork

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